About me

Welcome to my “old man” blog. I recently retired from my practice as an attorney and I’ve suddenly found myself with a lot of spare time. Because of this, I’ve decided to get back into shape by going to the gym regularly and even trying out some martial arts training. As I slowly adjusted to being a pensioner a friend of mine suggested I volunteer for a charity for underprivileged kids where I could work as a sports trainer. Having always been into sports, I jumped at the opportunity and since then I’ve been having a great time working with kids. Some of them come from really bad families and have issues with anger, sticking to the rules and with working with other children. This is where I think sports can help. It teaches discipline, teamwork and it also gives the kids something to look for each day.

I intend to keep this blog as a way of documenting my experiences with the kids I work with and also as a place where I can keep track of my own physical development. I hope you all have a great read!