What your camper should be equipped with before you go on the road

After a lifetime in the advocating industry, I finally decided to retire and give myself more spare time. And, since I always enjoyed traveling and going new places, I figured out I should give camping a try. So, after consulting with specialists I purchased a camper or an RV and decided to start going across the country to see more of its beauties.

During my trips, I managed to learn new things about owning a camper, as well as the downsides of this type of vehicle. Thus, based on my experience, here are the main things your camper should feature in order to consider you made the right choice.

A generous bathroom

The first thing to take into account when looking for an RV is to have your own private bathroom. It should be fully equipped, including a shower and RV toilets, and a mini sink. I cannot stress the importance of a bathroom facility inside your RV enough, considering this will be your home for the next period of time. And, if you’re a travel enthusiast just like I am, you will certainly require your privacy, even when you camp in special RV camps across the country.

Common showers and waiting for your turn to the toilette, plus having to get out of your RV during the night are only some of the inconveniences of owning a camper without a private bathroom.


Laundry appliances

Spending so much time on the go will certainly get you out of clean clothes in a matter of days or weeks, regardless of how big is your closet. Most of the RV parks come with laundromats or laundry facilities, but if you don’t plan to camp too much inside these parks, you will need as much as possible from the comfort of a fully equipped home.

Thus, I suggest trying to do your laundry inside your own RV by equipping it with a small washing machine. There are plenty of these products specially designed to fit in the narrowest places, and RVs are not an exception. Just be careful to not overload it and avoid expecting professional drying results.

And, since I mentioned the laundry part, I would like to add one more thing – always pack clothes for all seasons, especially if you want to travel across the country. It gets really chilly during the night and, if your heating system collapses, you may want to stay warm until fixing it.

Storage deposits

Last but not least, you’ll need as much storage deposit as you can get. RVs are the perfect homes to practice your maximized utility design ideas, so make sure to include cabinets and closets in every space. Pack them with fresh and clean towels, extra sheets, and everything else that will keep you comfortable during long rides.



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