3 Things To Do When You’ve Written a Book

3 Things To Do When You’ve Written a Book

3 Things To Do When You’ve Written a Book

Writing a book is a creative and exciting process. You’ve figured out your plot and characters and put it all down on paper. Now that you’ve completed the editing process and have a final draft, you want to get into people’s hands. What should you do? Read on for suggestions on how to get your book out into the world and have people talking about it.

1. Find a Literary Agent

Many prospective authors think that the way to get their book published is to write it and send it to a publisher. If you do that, chances are it will be thrown out and never be read. The correct step is to find a literary agent who will reach out to publishers and negotiate on your behalf. Agents have different guidelines for accepting clients, so research different agencies and their submission guidelines before contacting them.

2. Protect Your Intellectual

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