Can Insurance Companies Deny Claims Using Private Investigators?

Can Insurance Companies Deny Claims Using Private Investigators?

You need to know some things if you have been injured in an accident. Liability insurance companies will always seek out ways to devalue or deny your claim.

There are limitations to what these hired sleuths may do. You may also be able to take steps to protect your claim’s value, regardless of whether a private investigator is monitoring you.

What Is the Purpose of a Private Investigator?

Private investigators are hired to follow victims of injury around to gather evidence that the victim did not sustain the damages claimed.

These investigators may also follow you around and do background research about you. They might look at:

Financial records – They will want to know if you have had any financial problems in the past that could give them a reason to exaggerate your injuries to recover more compensation.

Social media They want to know if you’re posting photos on social media showing you taking part in activities that you claim are impossible because of injuries.

Driving record – Insurance companies want to see if you have a history of reckless driving. This could help strengthen their argument that you are at least partially responsible for the accident.

Is it legal for insurance companies to hire someone to follow me?

Is There a Limit to What Can Be Documented?

Investigators must follow privacy laws. This means they can’t wiretap or record conversations that are intended to be private. An investigator cannot record conversations with friends in private, such as eavesdropping or recording them.

Tips to Protect Your Claim

Private investigators are charged with proving an accident victim is not as severely injured as they claim. You are likely to be in good shape, provided you don’t exaggerate your injuries. You can prove you were injured by following the doctor’s advice and avoiding activities that could aggravate your injuries.

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