Georgia man accused of killing wife’s divorce lawyer and setting office on fire | Georgia

Georgia man accused of killing wife’s divorce lawyer and setting office on fire | Georgia

A Georgia divorce attorney was recently shot to death – and his office was set on fire – by a client’s estranged husband in an extreme example of how contentious US family court cases can get, according to authorities.

Police in the community of Lawrenceville allege that Allen Tayeh went to the office of a lawyer representing a woman in the process of divorcing him and shot the attorney, Doug Lewis, there on 7 December.

Tayeh is accused of then pouring gasoline all over Lewis’s office and lighting the building on fire before firefighters arrived to douse the blaze and discovered the slain man’s body, the local news outlet KEN reported, citing police.

A witness outside the law office during the fire led investigators to Tayeh, who was nearby, had been burned and was carrying a revolver with spent rounds in its cylinder, police told KENS. He was also in

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