“The 50/50 Thing Is A Myth”: Divorce Lawyer Reveals The Main Reason Why Marriages Are Failing, And People Are Not Surprised

“The 50/50 Thing Is A Myth”: Divorce Lawyer Reveals The Main Reason Why Marriages Are Failing, And People Are Not Surprised

Marriage is intended to be till death do you part, but sometimes, spouses change their minds and realize that the best option is to cut ties. There are plenty of valid reasons for getting a divorce, but according to one New York-based divorce lawyer, one reason in particular has been coming up again and again among working mothers.

Below, you’ll find a video that attorney Dennis R. Vetrano Jr. shared on TikTok breaking down the most common theme he’s noticed in divorces recently.

Unfortunately, marriage can’t always be “till death do you part”

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And according to divorce attorney Dennis R. Vetrano Jr., many working mothers have had enough of their marriages

“Do you want to know the major theme that I’m seeing in the divorce industry, as a divorce lawyer, as I do consults these days?”

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“I am seeing

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