What To Do if You Are Considering Divorce

What To Do if You Are Considering Divorce

Are you thinking about divorce? You are not alone; according to U.S. Census Bureau figures, the 2018 Florida divorce rate was 8%. But just contemplating divorce does not mean your marriage has to end. Many happily married couples have considered divorce at some point. Before you bring up the D-word in your next argument, try one of the following.

Consult an Attorney

It may seem counterintuitive to start with the most drastic step, but seeing a lawyer may help you clarify your situation. There are many divorce lawyers in Pasco County Florida; find one who makes you feel comfortable. Going in for a free consultation does not obligate you to take further action, but it can be quite educational. You need to understand the ramifications to your finances, your lifestyle, your home life and your children.

Seek Counseling

According to the Mayo Clinic, couples often seek marriage counseling to help them resolve conflicts and strengthen their bond. Therapy can help improve communication and intimacy, while minimizing conflict, resentment and anger. Some couples even work through infidelity.

If your spouse will not attend sessions, you may find individual therapy helpful. Perhaps your old relationship patterns or emotional issues are at the heart of your current marital strife. You may find that changing your communication style transforms your marriage. Alternatively, you may discover that your marriage needs to end. In that case, a counselor can help you navigate the split more amicably.

Evaluate Outside Influences

Your feelings of dissatisfaction may have little to do with your marriage. External stressors such as career challenges, family illness, financial issues and even political strife can wreak havoc on your relationship. If you and your spouse have been dealing with trauma or distress, this may not be the best time to make permanent decisions about the marriage. You may need time apart, or you may be able to identify the real culprit and work together — but do not decide to divorce until the external stress subsides and you can think clearly.