What You Need To Know About Arrests

What You Need To Know About ArrestsWhen someone you know is arrested, you’re stressed and upset. You don’t know what will happen next, and you’re worried about your friend or relative. Here’s what you need to know about arrests so that you can help your loved one.

Most Suspects Are Held on Bond

Many people who are arrested don’t stay in jail until their trials. Instead, the police station declares how much bail must be paid for each suspect to go home to await trial. Bail becomes more expensive as the severity of the alleged crime increases, and in very serious cases, bail isn’t an option. When people are accused of misdemeanors, such as disorderly conduct or public intoxication, their bail costs are low. When people are accused of murder or sexual assault, bail tends to be higher. If people can’t afford the price of bail, they purchase bail bonds Mecklenburg County so that they can still leave jail.

Suspects Must Be Charged Within a Few Days

When the police believe that people have committed crimes, they must formally charge the suspects or release them. The timeframe for this release varies from state to state. Most require that suspects be charged within 48 hours, but others have 72-hour limits. The police must notify suspects when their charges are filed so they know exactly what they are accused of.

Arrest Records Remain After Being Released

Even if people are not accused of a crime, they still have arrest records after being taken into custody. This means that their records may be visible when they apply for jobs, and their mugshots are frequently public. However, if people prove with the help of an attorney that their arrests were unjust, their records are cleared.

By becoming knowledgeable about the legal system, you help ensure that your loved one’s rights are respected.