Tips for Selecting a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Tips for Selecting a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Many people who receive minor injuries at work and are denied workers’ compensation do not pursue an appeal. However, a denied workers compensation claim Oregon can be appealed and won with the right legal team. It is your job to find the best attorney available to fight for you.

Get Referrals

Begin to gather referrals for workers’ compensation lawyers from your family and friends. You may also ask your coworkers and any legal professionals you know. Find out how their experience was and what they thought of their attorneys.

Contact the state bar to determine whether these attorneys have valid, up-to-date licenses and if there are any disciplinary actions on their records. Contact the Better Business Bureau to find out their rating and if they have any unresolved disputes. Finally, search for online reviews and testimonials.

Initial Interview

Request a free consultation with all the attorneys on your list. This consultation should be treated as their job interview.

Ask about the lawyers’ legal experience, specifically their workers’ compensation case experience. Then, ask what percentage of their cases involve these types of claims. Learn how many years these professionals have worked on workers comp lawsuits and what their success rates are. You also need to know whether the lawyer has the time and resources they will need for your case.

Have the attorneys review your case. They should be able to tell you your chances of winning, an approximate settlement value and whether you need more information to win your case.


Ask the attorneys about their fees. Most of the time, they will take your case for no up-front costs because they will take a percentage of your settlement. However, if they do not win the case, you may have to pay unexpected litigation expenses. You need to know what all the expenses and fees are up front so you are prepared.

Don’t settle for a denied workers’ compensation claim. Get your medical treatments and lost wages by finding an attorney who will fight for you.