A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Ever since time began, the world has been a risky place. It became riskier because of the nature of the work environment. Reviews on ReviewsBird.com reveal people’s sentiments about the dangers that could occur at the workplace. Some health issues aren’t immediate. It could take time to manifest. And these health issues are generated from work stress. Especially professions like teaching and medical-related works.

However, employers have found means to make life easy for their employees. Workers’ compensation insurance is a means to protect employees from injuries that could escalate beyond normal due to negligence. This is why workers’ compensation insurance is very important. It is most times described as a legal policy that covers the cost of accidents or workplace injuries. According to HR generalists, it is the oldest form of insurance in developed nations. In the past, it was established and recognized to provide coverage for business owners. Today, it has been extended to suing employers whenever employees sustain workplace injuries and they fall ill without compensation from their employers.

That is, when an employee sustains injuries that leave him/her bedridden, the employers must take responsibility, especially health-wise. Failure to do this allows an employee to sue the employer.

What Workers’ Compensation Covers

It largely covers the medical expenses and treatment of work-related illnesses and injuries. It includes physical therapy, payment for medications, hospital visits, medical equipment, healthcare provider’s visits, etc. The compensation also covers payment for the wages lost due to the illness or injury suffered while working.  The absence of the worker must be due to a work injury and his excuse must be authorized by the medical provider in charge of the patient.

How it Works

Employees who are injured while working are eligible for this benefit. The first step is to report the case of injury or illness to the supervisor or manager in charge. The supervisor, therefore, reports to a higher authority through his/her report. He/she completes a Supervisor’s Report of Injury or Occupational Illness Form which is sent to the Office of Risk Management. The hierarchy and names given to these offices is dependent on the institution’s setting.

From there, the employer is formally notified of the health challenges of the employee. They then refer this file to a higher authority where it will be given full attention. The employee will be summoned or met at the hospital of choice (or hospital covered by the employer’s policy) and the required medical care will be provided.

How to Buy Workers’ Insurance

It is often regulated at the state level. You must be acquainted with your state’s requirements to determine where you’ll get the insurance and what it’ll cover. However, the price is often based on a variety of factors. This includes the size of your business, your industry, and what it deals with. Approaching an experienced agent to get an accurate estimate before making buying a policy is always advisable.

Workers’ insurance policy keeps the sick employee safe and it also protects the company’s prestige. The company also needs to maintain it to protect every employee who might need it.

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