How to Recover Lost Wages after a Car Accident in Florida?

How to Recover Lost Wages after a Car Accident in Florida?

A car crash is a traumatic one. The injuries, medical bills and insurance providers are just a few things that need urgent attention. Nonetheless, when you have suffered severe injuries and are unable to work, bills can start to pile up.
With Florida PIP law conditions recover your missing income under the supervision of Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer.
Start with the following basic questions and guidelines:

  • What PIP stands for?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Prevention, a form of no-fault insurance policy that covers medical costs and loss of income in the event of a Florida accident. Understanding the Personal Injury Compensation policy and the PIP law in Florida is important since this is the primary form of insurance coverage for motor vehicle drivers. For more information contact Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer.

  • What is the PIP law of Florida?

Through the law, Florida residents who own a car are required to have Personal Injury Coverage, also known as PIP, as part of their automotive insurance policy. In the case of an accident, PIP must pay for the injury regardless of who is at fault.

  • What does Lost Wages mean, exactly?

Lost compensation is the difference in the amount of income the injured person receives before and after the accident. The legislation also allows for two separate forms of compensation: lost income and reduced earning power. Both of these kinds of insurance are types of personal injury lawsuits.

  • What is the right to regain your lost wages?

Florida Law 627.736 explicitly mentioned people who cannot work or suffer a loss of income following an accident. The injured party can recover 60 percent of any loss of gross income and loss of earning capacity per person from the insurance provider.
In fact, if the injury was the result of negligence on the part of another driver, the driver’s insurer will be liable to pay the remaining 40% of your lost profit as a result of the accident.

  • Is this the Simple Process?

Every insurance provider has a particular procedure for accepting this loss of revenue. Evidence is going to be one of the key conditions for reimbursement. The compensation does not come automatically to you. You will fill out a set of documents that indicate that you are not allowed to work due to injuries sustained by a car accident in Florida. Here are some of the things you’re going to need to do.

  1. Proof of income – this may come from a pay check or a pay-stub.
  2. Proof from the doctor – The doctor will have to confirm that you are unable to operate because of the injuries.
  3. Proof from your workplace – Your employer must complete the Wage & Salary.
  4. Verification form to be submitted to the insurance provider.

Although you seek compensation under the PIP law every two weeks, you do not receive compensation from the insurance provider of the other party until you have reached a final settlement. For more help contact a Florida car accident lawyer.

Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.

Coupling lost wages is a dynamic and stressful operation. Luckily, you don’t have to go alone and risk wasting valuable money. An experienced Fort Myers car accident attorney will help direct you through this process. Our company has been treating personal injury litigation for over 30 years. We understand the complexities of insurance companies and can help you view and educate yourself about the new Florida laws. We give free 20-minute case evaluations where we can answer all your questions. Call today for a free consultation on your petition.