Things That Will Influence Truck Accident Claims

Things That Will Influence Truck Accident Claims

Being involved in truck accidents can be incredibly scary. You are involved in a collision with a truck that is so much higher than your vehicle. This means you might end up with serious injuries and the property damages can be quite catastrophic. As a result, you will need to look for a good Indianapolis lawyer for truck accidents to file a personal injury claim. 

Average people do not know anything about the various statutes and laws that govern the intricate nature of personal injury law. If you choose to file the claim alone, your case can easily end up being dismissed because of really simple errors you make. At the end of the process, you would end up without receiving financial compensation to deal with what happened to you. 

There are numerous factors that will affect your case’s outcome. The experienced trucking lawyer will help you by offering guidance all throughout the process and will take care of the actual tasks you have to do for you. 

To better highlight why you need an attorney, here are some things that will drastically influence your injury claim. 


To have a case you need to prove liability. Your attorney is going to work hard to determine liability in the truck accident case. This does not just involve the truck driver. Usually, it also involves some other parties, like the trucking company or even the firm responsible for loading the cargo. Sometimes, even the vehicle manufacturer can be at fault because of some parts that were not designed properly. 

The attorney can prove negligence and will be able to locate all the parties at fault for the truck accident. This allows you to file personal injury claims against absolutely all people and businesses that were responsible. 

Relevant Evidence

After the wreck, an accident investigation is started. This is very important and will involve so much more than just investigating the accident scene. It can include things like gathering testimonials from witnesses and interviewing the police officers that arrived on the scene. 

For the claim to be successful, you need evidence. The truck accident attorney will examine several things to find the evidence needed. This includes:

  • Details about the truck driver, including qualifications, employment history, alcohol tests, and drug tests. 
  • The insurance carrier information of the truck company involved. 
  • Vehicle damage. 
  • Other property damage. 
  • An inspection of the truck involved. 
  • Medical records for all injuries sustained. 
  • The ECM (electronic control module) of the truck. 

Federal Regulations And Relevant Laws

One thing you most likely do not know is that laws vary from one state to the next. And the federal regulations are very complex. It is quite difficult to navigate all the aspects associated with cargo companies, truck businesses, and insurance companies. The truck accident attorney will be able to easily do this for you. 


This one is obvious but needs to be highlighted. The damages you sustained will drastically influence your accident claim. Remember that you can obtain compensation for 3 types of damages: major injury, minor injury, and property damage. The attorney is going to help determine the full extent of your damages.