What You Should Know About E-2 Visas

The E-2 visa is a nonimmigrant investor visa that allows foreign investors and those they employ to live and work in the US. This visa covers foreign direct investors who start new, purchase existing, or become a major investor in businesses within the US. Using the visa program, these investors can send their foreign employees to the US to work in their companies or subsidiaries. Here is some information about the E2 visa Houston TX.


Only those from countries with treaties with the United States can qualify for this type of investor visa. E-2 visas require significant capital investments in an American for-profit company.

In addition, the foreign investors should manage or grow the businesses they invest in. The investment funds must be legally acquired and must be dedicated to the business.

Finally, your intention must be to leave the US when your E-2 visa expires. This intention is proven by sharing your ties with your native country, including family, business and owning a foreign residence.


Both businesses and individuals can invest in the US economy and gain E-2 status. If individuals invest, they are the principal investors with regard to the E-2 visa. Your application will depend on your nationality within a country with a US treaty.

Businesses may also be considered principal investors. However, they must own 50% or more of the business. The business’ legal home determines its eligibility.

Although no dollar amount is set, the investment must be substantial, typically based on the proportion of your investment to the business’ value. This investment must be a risk and they should provide enough income for the investor to live on now and in the future.


Initially, investors are granted a maximum 2-year stay in the US. However, E-2 visas can be renewed for additional 2-year periods indefinitely as long as the investor meets the visa requirements.

If you are interested in investing in the US economy and gaining E-2 visa status, consider consulting an immigration attorney.

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