Why You Should Get Legal Help When Selling Your House

Although selling a house is not rocket science, you need to adhere to certain factors to sell the property successfully and profitably. That is why you need the legal assistance of an expert whose area of specialization is real estate.

However, you may need to read up about different real estate law firms and the services they render on us-reviews before engaging their services. Conducting this research will help you know the intricacies attached to having legal help when selling your house.

Although in some states, you do not require the help of a legal practitioner when selling your house, however, it is safe and best if you do engage the services of a lawyer who can better explain things to you as well as sort out legal issues on your behalf.

The following are reasons you need to get the necessary legal help when selling your house: –

1.  A lawyer helps you draft contracts

One of the significant reasons you need a lawyer’s help when selling your house is to help you with drafting contracts. The lawyer will see to it that you have set up the necessary paperwork that will help with the house’s smooth selling. He or she will help look over listing agreements, mortgage transfers and ensure that the final settlement fund gets paid as and when due.

2.   Offers you good representation in case of a lawsuit

You may be asking yourself what use is a lawyer to the sale of your house since you are not going to court. The thing is, you can never be too sure about when you may need the help of a lawyer. If things go south with the contract, transfer, or title reviewing, a lawyer will help to secure you a good representation and save your face in the long run from lawsuits or disputes of any kind.

3.  If your state demands a legal representation

In some states, you may have to get a lawyer to represent you during the sale of your house. The reason is that the government has made it mandatory for there to be a legal representation rather than a real estate agent or broker. Mostly, the buyer will have to be in direct contact with the lawyer on your behalf. Hence, they will have to see the closing deals, which include the perfection and review of title transfers and funds settlements.

 It is important to note that these states have stages where lawyers should come in during the procedure. For instance, in states like Georgia, Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, amongst others, legal representation is essential at the closing stage. On the other hand, legal representation becomes necessary at the title opinion stage in states like Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Mississippi. However, states like New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Illinois do not require the mandatory representation of a legal practitioner.

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