3 Types of Work Injuries

3 Types of Work Injuries

An injury of any kind can turn your world upside down. When it happens while you are at work, it may be even worse. Depending on the industry within which you work, you may have suffered a catastrophic injury that leaves you permanently disabled. What are you to do, and how can you live after that type of hurt? When it comes to workers’ compensation, some injuries are more common than others. These three examples may help you identify one if it should happen to you.

1. You Get Stuck

Some jobs may require the use of heavy machinery. Construction and factory workers need to pay special attention to where they are working and what is around them, as the danger of getting stuck between gears is a real possibility. Crush injuries can be some of the worst, resulting in amputations and long-term disabilities. Keeping an eye out on the job site may be the difference between life and death.

2. You Fall

You may believe that a fall isn’t that big of a deal unless it’s from a great height. However, some of the worst injuries that occur happen from less than six feet off the ground. Whether you are working on a ladder and find yourself plummeting backward or you slip on a wet floor, the injuries may be quite devastating. Suing employer for injury may help you recover some of the money you’ve lost due to a fall.

3. You Overuse Your Arm

Some actions tend to be somewhat repetitive such as typing and sewing. These two examples can cause ongoing strain to the muscles and nerves in your arms and hands. If you start to feel pain in your wrists, hands, elbows or shoulders, you may have a repetitive injury claim on your hands. A doctor’s diagnosis may be able to confirm your suspicions so you can file a workers’ compensation claim to move forward.

Understanding your rights under workers’ compensation laws is important.  Since laws differ from state to state, you may want to talk to a professional who can offer advice.